CEOAS Plankton AnalysesCEOAS Inverted Microscope

The OEB group at Oregon State utilizes several state of the art methods and instruments for quantifying plankton in marine samples. Abundance, biomass, general community and size composition of heterotrophic protists and phytoplankton larger than 15 microns are determined via inverted microscopy after settling appropriate volumes of preserved sample (lugols or formalin) provided by the user. Picoplankton (Prochlorococcus, Synechococcus), pico-eukaryotes and Bacterioplankton are determined via a Becton-Dickinson FACSCaliber 4-color flow cytometer/cell sorter facility. Click here for a slide show about the flow cytometer: COAS Flow Cytometer. Current and potential users of the COAS flow cytometer can review a manual on its operation: FCM Manual. Potential users can contact Angelicque White or Katie Watkins-Brandt by phone or email for information about training and cost of running samples for FCM or inverted microscopy.Sample prices are listed below:

Inverted Microscopy:
Plankton Fees cover cost of analyses, including technician support, expendable supplies, and instrument maintenance. Contact Katie Watkins-Brandt for information on sample handling and preservation. A sample of images collected from this facility can be viewed here.
Internal Fee: $168/sample
External Fee: $200/sample

Flow Cytometry:
Internal users can be trained to run their own samples; training costs are $50/hour after which there are no fees for instrument usage. For full sample analyses, a minimum sample charge is billed for batches less than 25 samples. Samples that are batched or that can be delayed in data delivery can avoid minimum sample charges. Costs for us to run samples and process data are as follows:
Internal Fee: $10/sample for phytoplankton; $20/sample for bacterioplankton + phytoplankton + technician time for training
External Fee: $10/sample for phytoplankton; $20/sample for batcterioplankton + phytoplankton